The FEAR Model: Treating Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice

"Very useful model. I can use this personally and with clients. A lot of people need to learn that they have this power." L. Fletcher

“Helpful. Very interesting.” Taiwan L.

“Very clear, precise, and easy to follow for sufferers and therapists. Fun and Interesting.” Anthony M.

“A positive approach that lets the clients provide their own answers to their fears and anxiety.” Kath T.


This manual contains the content of the popular seminar “Treating Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice” by Wale Oladipo. 

It provides the tools on how to identify and deal with anxiety-related disorders at the root level as well as how to combat the perpetuating intrusive thoughts and inner critical voices which sustain them.

This book will help you :

  • Understand the four main categories of intrusive thoughts
  • Understand the eight inner critics
  • Understand the biochemistry of anxiety
  • Understand the building blocks of anxiety disorders
  • Understand the neuro-idealisation technique to rewire the brain
  • Learn how to use the FEAR Model for long-lasting transformation
  • Benefit from the live relaxation experiences of others as well as the live feedback to their questions

My Note to You

Sharing this course with thousands of people over the years has been a tremendous pleasure for me. It has helped me grow. I hope it will help you grow too, to some extent? This is just the beginning and not the end. Any subject about anxiety-related disorders and transformation of the human mind is never easy. It is complex and multi-faceted. Hopefully, you will find this material useful in some capacity.

Consistent action is the bridge that links us to the transformation that we desire. It is what you do after you close this manual that counts. It is your daily habit from now on that will determine the quality of the transformation that you enjoy. Persistence is key. Please do not quit. If you’re a helper, please encourage others that you are helping not to quit. It is those who never quit that eventually win. Transformation is possible.

Best Regards,

Wale Oladipo

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Table of Contents

Introduction: Defining ‘Intrusive Thoughts’ and the ‘Inner Critical Voice’

What are Intrusive Thoughts?4

Four Main Categories of Intrusive Thoughts4

The Inner Critical Voice6

The Eight Inner Critics7

Q & A Session 9

The Biochemistry of Anxiety

The Nervous System 11

The Chemical Brain14

Synaptic Connections: Nature or Nurture?15

Counteracting Stress16

Q & A Session16

The FEAR Cycle

Five Building Blocks of Anxiety Disorders 20

Breaking the FEAR Cycle22

Diagram: The FEAR Cycle23

The Neuro-Idealisation Technique

Mirror Neurones24

The Neuro-Idealisation Technique in Four Steps24

Neuro-Idealisation Relaxation Screed28

Trainee Feedback and Discussion 30

Brain Activities and Your Recovery 32

Q & A Session 33

The FEAR Model Recovery Steps 36

How do you ‘Flip’?37

Three Parts of the Brain39

Q & A Session41

      1. Flip Relaxation and Screed 45
      2. Envision 48
      3. Advance 48
      4. Relax 51

Diagram: The F.E.A.R. Model53

Flip Testimonies 54

Your Daily Wellbeing To-Do List 63

Final Note 67

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