2 Core Elements That Can Decide Your Stress Or Strength This Christmas

Do you know that there are two things that can be the difference between stress and celebration for you this Christmas? Here there are:
* What you choose to focus on.
* The meaning you give to things.

What you choose to focus on:

One of the greatest qualities of humanity is our ability to decide our focus. We can choose to focus on our blessings or we can decide to focus on those things that are not going right in our lives…

shutterstock_225970501But whatever focus we choose, there are consequences – negative or positive. Positive focus creates positive feelings, while negative focus births negative feelings…

So, this Christmas, choose to focus on positives. Refuse to allow negative thinking or negative people to get the best of you and consume your focus. Instead, choose to focus on positive things and stay in the positive energy of gratitude and love – the true meaning of Christmas.

The meanings you give to things:

This is the second element that can decide whether you enjoy or endure this season – how you analyse your thoughts and other people’s behaviours towards you. This is important because it is not what happens to us in life that creates our stress, anxiety or emotional turmoil. Rather it is the meaning we give to what happens to us. As someone rightly observed “It is not the revolution that destroys the machine, but the friction within. In other words, it is our interpretation of events in-between our ears that decides our pain or pleasure.

This Christmas, there will be challenging people, things, and situations that will try and spoil this season for you. But the key is the meaning that you give to those things that happen. You can choose to create a positive meaning to unpleasant things, thoughts or events, and decide to turn them round to empower you and not dis-empower you.

Therefore, choose to analyze your own thoughts, as well as the thoughts in others’ mind in a way that strengthens you and not weakens you. Remember that nobody can make you feel negative, inferior or worthless without your consent.

These two factors are the core elements of emotional intelligence. They will shield your mind from stress and anxiety, so that you can spend your precious time in peace and happiness with those people who are important to you in life this Christmas.

I wish you a very Happy Christmas!

Best regards

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