Monthly Archives: December 2014

2 Core Elements That Can Decide Your Stress Or Strength This Christmas

Do you know that there are two things that can be the difference between stress and celebration for you this Christmas? Here there are: * What you choose to focus on. * The meaning you give to things. What you choose to focus on: One of the greatest qualities of humanity is our ability to…

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5 Steps To Survive Christmas Anxiety {Video}

Try these 5 proven and easy steps to gain control if you are experiencing Christmas Anxiety. It’s the time of year again when many people’s anxiety seems to escalate, and instead of enjoying the festive season, they are enduring it. By the way, this is a special request from a few of my clients and…

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Anxiety: What Exactly Is it?

If you have an anxiety disorder or have previously experienced anxiety first hand, I reckon you can easily express how it makes you free in words based on your own personal experience. For that reason, I’ll just look into the peculiarity of anxiety and how it’s different from other conditions such as fear. Anxiety is…

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