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Breaking the emotional addiction of worry

Breaking the Emotional Addiction of Worry: 2 Vital Steps

One of the most powerful insights into the human mind and wellness is the understanding that humans can be addicted to their emotions of worry and anxiety. Once this happens, it becomes difficult to shift a worrying habit. In this video, I share two important steps to breaking the emotional continuity of worry and creating…

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transforming stress

Transforming Stress: a few steps

Stress has become a huge source disability in our societies today. Stress suffocates hopes, ruins relationships and destroys human aspirations. But for us to achieve happiness and fulfilment in life, we must undersdand how to shift a stressful state any time it crawls into our mental arena. In this short video, I share a few…

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The Biochemistry of Emotions and Anxiety Recovery

Emotions are chemical signatures of all of our pattern of thoughts and past experiences. Human mental wellness is often at the mercy of his bio-chemical reactions. We cannot be healthy beyond the healthiness of the chemical mix within our body system. What you are thinking about all the time is deciding the chemicals that a…

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How to Confuse the Amygdala to Acheive Anxiety Transformation

The Amygdala is part of our emotional brain that is in charge our alerting the body of internal or external threats. It is part of our survival mechanism that requested your fight or fight response to get started. Once the Amygdala has memorised your fears, negative thoughts and repressed emotions, it starts to press the…

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Transforming a Depressive Episode: 2 Vital Steps

Depression has become a major cause of disability in several developed nations around the world. Once depression extends its roots into the molecules of our emotions and the homeostatic balance of the body re-calibrates, it becomes very difficult to transform the episode. In this short clip, I share 2 things you can start to do…

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