3 Steps to Ensure That Your Mindset Is Not Fuelling Your Stress

stressStress can be extremely debilitating. But it can even get worse if your way of thinking is generating more stress for you than external circumstances.

The following are the three steps for ensuring that your mindset is not breathing life to your stress:

  1. Identify any negative beliefs which could be breathing life to your stress. This includes debilitating statements such as, “I am always stressed at Christmas, or I’m always stressed out in our weekly business meeting.” There are more similar negative statements many people say casually without really reading too much into them. However, the brain and the subconscious mind take those casual disempowering words very seriously. Your brain and nervous system hear every word that you say. If you say ant negative words long enough, your brain will rewire itself to make those negative remarks part of your reality. Such negative remarks will then become self-fulfilling prophecies in your life.
    Therefore, it is vital that you identify the weakening comments and beliefs that may be promoting your stress. What negative things about you have you repeated to yourself over and over again? What do you think will always stress you out? In what environment do you believe you will always lose control? What illness or emotional condition do you feel you can never overcome?
  2. Ask yourself this question: “What positive self-beliefs can I adopt in place of my negative self-beliefs?”  After you have identified all your stress-generating beliefs, then come up with empowering beliefs that will bring calm and peace to your mind and body. For example, if your negative belief is that public speaking stresses you out even though your job involves public speaking, you may want to come up with an empowering statement such as, “Each time I speak publicly, I feel relaxed, in control, enthusiastic and calm.” Make sure you create new a positive statement for every identified negative belief.
  3. Use the power of repetition to make this new positive belief your new belief system. By constantly repeating your new positive beliefs, you will eventually force the brain to rewire itself accordingly. It takes some time for your brain to displace your old negative beliefs and replace them with positive ones. Persistence is the key here. More often than not, it is when you become tired and sick of affirming to yourself your new positive beliefs that your brain and nervous system are beginning to incorporate them in their database to form your new ingrained operating command.

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