The 7-Week Generalised Anxiety & Panic Recovery MindBody Breakthrough Programme

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Anxiety Panic Recovery Product Overview

Anxiety Panic Recovery MindBody Breakthrough Programme is a solid 7-Week Recovery Programme designed for those who have given up on their anxiety disorders. Finally can kick out their panic attacks, anxiety attacks, OCD, agoraphobia, depression and other anxiety-related conditions with this natural recovery programme.

If you have tried medications, herbs, potions,website programmes that focused on coping mechanisms and anxiety management techniques, and your anxiety disorder is still not gone, then this programme is especially for you.

Wale Oladipo, a psychotherapist and ex-anxiety sufferer himself, has finally identified the most powerful secret to anxiety panic recovery. This entire programme is systematically built on processing specific repressed negative emotions which are responsible for creating and sustaining outlets of anxiety-disorders…

Each purchase gives unlimited membership access to the Members Private Area, where customers will receive their recovery kit, which include:

  • The Complete Anxiety Panic Recovery Programme Manual pdf (109 pages)
  • The programme Manual ePub – Kindle Version
  • Guided Imagery for Anxiety Panic Recovery and Self-Confidence Boosting (MP3 – Audio)
  • Power Metaphor Week 1 ( MP3 – Audio)
  • Power Metaphor Week 2 ( MP3 – Audio)
  • Power Metaphor Week 3 ( MP3 – Audio)
  • Power Metaphor Week 4 ( MP3 – Audio)
  • Power Metaphor Week 5 ( MP3 – Audio)
  • Power Metaphor Week 6 ( MP3 – Audio)
  • Power Metaphor Week 7 ( MP3 – Audio)
  • Programme Module 1 Text-To-Speech
  • Programme Module 2 Text-To-Speech
  • Programme Module 3 Text-To-Speech
  • Bonus #1: The Power of Optimism
  • Bonus #2: How To Overcome Self-Doubt
  • Bonus #3:The Einstein Effect: 579 Happiness and Success Principles Every Student Should Know
  • Bonus #4:The Psychology of Attraction
  • Personalised Professional Support

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