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"Very insightful, hope to use the FEAR model in practice." Dr V.  Banypersad, GP

"Very good, informative, eye and mind opening. I wish I had known all that 20 years ago. It would have made my life much easier and successful." --- Anonymous, Sufferer

"Excellent course, delivered interestingly. Covered the facts and very informative. Would highly recommend. D. Bedford, Trainee Counsellor

"Really helped me and I know others who would like to learn the FEAR Model. Great. Enthusiastic. Easy going. Nerve calming delivery. Really friendly. Clear points. Felt really inspired." -- A. Price, Sufferer

"Excellent. Really opened my mind." -- Anonymous, Sufferer

"I am a mum of an anxious teenager (OCD). I now have a few more tools in my kit bag. Thought provoking. Simple techniques for what may be complex problems, but doable steps to recovery." K. Yockney

"I really enjoyed this course and the trainer's style was brilliant as he was very inspiring." -- N. Kheirkhah, Sufferer

"Well delivered and very informative. useful tips for those in practice and for personal development." -- D. Daltrey, Clinical Hypnotherapist

"This will be a great help with supporting children in primary school."   K. Willis, Learning Mentor

"Useful tool." -- Anonymous, NHS (Adolescents)

"I found the course very informative. Excellent!  -- S. White, Integrative Counsellor

"Inspired." "Thought-provoking." -- F. Astbury, Counsellor

MindBody Breakthrough Event -  Wale Oladipo

Free Recovery Series: Overcome Intrusive Thoughts & Irrational Fear

  • Steps to Overcoming Irrational Fear & Intrusive Thoughts
  • 4 Daily Habits for Overcoming Irrational Fear & Intrusive Thoughts
  • Understanding the Root-Causes of Irrational Fear & Intrusive Thoughts

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“Steps to Overcoming Irrational Fear & Intrusive thoughts”

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Beat compulsive negative thinking and enjoy calm, happiness and confidence...

If You’re Finding It Hard to Conquer Your Anxiety-Related Disorder, It’s NOT Your Fault; You Just Haven’t Had the Right Information…

Instead of trying to apply any tip and trick you can find online, concentrate on finding the anxiety solution that addresses your anxiety from the source, with proven and effective strategy. You don’t bake a cake by randomly thinking “hmmm, what ingredient shall I throw in next?”, you follow a recipe, a strategy with well defined steps to follow in sequence.

The same applies in finding effective solutions to anxiety attacks, panic attacks, OCD, agoraphobia, depression and all other anxiety-related conditions.

I have to say that after watching your video and reading the download, this is the first time that I feel like there is hope for my anxiety problem. Thank you very much!

Tony, USA

The F.E.A.R. Model for GAD and Panic Recovery

the fear model for overcoming GAD and Panic Attacks

Learn How to Dismantle the Old Wiring of Anxiety and Panic in the Brain and Re-programme Your Brain for Calm and Happiness...

Gain Instant Access to the Cutting-Edge Recovery Steps that both Professionals and Sufferers are Using to Achieve Transformation from GAD and Panic Disorder...

  • Learn How to Apply the Breakthrough F.E.A.R Model Recovery Steps for GAD and Panic Disorder.
  • Understand How to Rewire the Brain for Tranquility and Confidence
  • Master Key Emotional Interactions Within the Psyche that Perpetuate Anxiety Disorders
  • Learn How to Break the Underlying Compulsive Habits that Threaten Full Recovery
  • Learn How to Effectively Manage any Counterproductive Response of the Emotional Brain as It Tries to Regain Control During the Recovery Process
  • Learn the Most Effective Coping Strategies for Managing GAD and Panic Attacks
  • Understand the Five Building-Blocks for GAD and Panic; Essential for Full Recovery
  • Gain Access to the Full Length Guided Imagery Audio for Reprogramming the Mind for Total Well-Being

The Essential Guide To Anxiety Panic Recovery

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I registered the MindBody Anxiety Panic Recovery Programme so I could help my two daughters – I am finding it a great help and yes all your updates are helping me tremendously to encourage them both.

I’m also helping another young mother to overcome her anxiety and depression.
Kindest Regards

 Christine, Melbourne, Australia

Discover The Most Effective and Natural Way of Transforming Anxiety Attacks, Panic Attacks, OCD, Agoraphobia, Depression and other Anxiety-Related Disorders

  • Find Out How To Survive the Unpleasant Symptoms of Anxiety Panic Disorders.
  • Discover the Cutting-Edge F.E.A.R. Model Recovery Step-By-Step Guide To Transformation
  • Why Your Anxiety Can Increase In Intensity With Time If You Fail To Tackle It From The Source.
  • Find Out Why Your Previous Anxiety Treatments Might Have Been Masking Your Anxiety.
  • Discover 15 Ways To Defeat Negative Thinking & Grow A Healthy Mind.
  • How To Overcome Habitual Negative Thoughts. Find Out What To Do When Your Mind Won't Stop Worrying.
  • Find Out About the 6 Vital Steps To Overcoming Loneliness.
  • Dicover the 7 Steps to Gain Control Over Your Bad Feelings For Peace and Happiness.
  • Experience the Incredible Sense of Peace, Relief,Calm and Confidence These "Little Known" Natural Secrets To Anxiety Panic Disorders Will Open You Up To.
  • 4 Common Misconceptions That Can Stop You From Overcoming Anxiety Disorders.
  • Find Out How To Re-programme Your Brain for Calm and Confidence
  • And more....

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GAD and Panic Recovery DVD PROGRAMME

Treating Obsessive Worry - Wale Oladipo - MindBody Breakthrough
The Millionaire Within - Wale Oladipo - MindBody Breakthrough

Meet the Lead Therapist Behind the MindBody Breakthrough Recovery Programmes

The recovery programmes and workshops are run by Wale Oladipo, the director of MindBody Breakthrough - a training provider and online practice for anxiety recovery, coaching and success solutions:

Wale is the author and creator of various well-being and success materials, courses and online recovery programmes, which include: Overcoming Chronic Stress and Stress-Induced Pains Online Programme; Treating Obsessive Worrying; Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice Online Recovery Programme; 200 Keys To Unlock Your Destiny; Overcoming GAD and Panic Disorder Online Course; The Millionaire In Within; The Power of Optimism; Four Indispensable Keys for Happiness and Success for TEENS; and The Worry Instinct.

Wale is a psychology writer and passionate speaker in the areas of restoring emotional control, maximising human potential, and achieving personal success.

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Accredited Voluntary Register

I am also an Anxiety UK approved therapist providing therapeutic support to the charity’s members and partner beneficiaries. I am subject to Anxiety UK’s regular monitoring of my professional qualifications, supervision, continual professional development, insurance and professional body membership in addition to complying with the ethical framework and professional standards set down by my registered governing body.

Full details of the Anxiety UK approved therapist scheme can be found here - Details about becoming a member of Anxiety UK to be able to access therapy via the charity can be found here