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The Biochemistry of Emotions and Anxiety Recovery

Emotions are chemical signatures of all of our pattern of thoughts and past experiences. Human mental wellness is often at the mercy of his bio-chemical reactions. We cannot be healthy beyond the healthiness of the chemical mix within our body system. What you are thinking about all the time is deciding the chemicals that a…

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How to Confuse the Amygdala to Acheive Anxiety Transformation

The Amygdala is part of our emotional brain that is in charge our alerting the body of internal or external threats. It is part of our survival mechanism that requested your fight or fight response to get started. Once the Amygdala has memorised your fears, negative thoughts and repressed emotions, it starts to press the…

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Transforming a Depressive Episode: 2 Vital Steps

Depression has become a major cause of disability in several developed nations around the world. Once depression extends its roots into the molecules of our emotions and the homeostatic balance of the body re-calibrates, it becomes very difficult to transform the episode. In this short clip, I share 2 things you can start to do…

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Anxiety Recovery Q&A Session

Anxiety Recovery Q&A Session with Wale Oladipo

Key Focuses for the Anxiety Q & A session: I will be answering specific questions on many topices, such as: —Key steps to trasforming stress and anxiety. —Understanding the neuro-physiology of anxiety. —Managing anxiety symptoms. —Overcoming self-doubt and the “what if” thinking that often breed anxiety. —How to beat the torture of procrastination: a common…

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Patience: a Powerful Key to Fulfilment

Patience is a virtue that we all need if we must achieve our goals and express our full personal potential. While there are some things we do not have to be patient for in life, most of the things that make life a fulfilling experience demand that we pass the test of patience. Exceptional life…

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conquering fear

Conquering Fear – 4 Steps

Fear is the number one enemy of mental wellness and success. Whatever you desire to be, do or have is always at the other side of where fear resides. In other words, you will have to face the fear and press through it in order to reach your desired goals, be it in the area…

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How To Use Negative Environment as a Springboard to Fulfilment

Environment matters to your fulfillment. If you realise that your environment is incompatible with your future, what do you do? How do you break free from a toxic environment that seems to be sapping your energy and blurring your vision? What steps can you take to limit the negative influences of your environment on your…

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How to Break the Worry Habit

  Worry is one of the biggest enemies of mental and physical wellness. If can’t control worry, you will struggle to fulfill your full potential in life. Obsessive worrying can mess up the nervous system, weaken the immune system and keep us less effective in enjoying life and becoming who and what we desire to…

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The Power of Coaching

Coaching is your short-cut to great accomplishment. In this clip, I share some insights into how you can use coaching to speed up your results….

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The Psychology of Smiling

Smiling has been known for centuries for its positive effects on our mind and nervous system. Do you know that smiling does a better job than chocolate in stimulating the brain’s reward mechanism that makes us feel good and happy? Look at children. They are happier and have more energy because they laugh a lot…

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