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conquering fear

Conquering Fear – 4 Steps

Fear is the number one enemy of mental wellness and success. Whatever you desire to be, do or have is always at the other side of where fear resides. In other words, you will have to face the fear and press through it in order to reach your desired goals, be it in the area…

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How to Break the Worry Habit

  Worry is one of the biggest enemies of mental and physical wellness. If can’t control worry, you will struggle to fulfill your full potential in life. Obsessive worrying can mess up the nervous system, weaken the immune system and keep us less effective in enjoying life and becoming who and what we desire to…

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The Psychology of Smiling

Smiling has been known for centuries for its positive effects on our mind and nervous system. Do you know that smiling does a better job than chocolate in stimulating the brain’s reward mechanism that makes us feel good and happy? Look at children. They are happier and have more energy because they laugh a lot…

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8 Steps to Overcome Laziness

Laziness is a mind problem that can kill your dreams and suffocate your happiness in life. Most people slump into a lazy habit of thinking and doing without knowing why and how to get out of it. This article will not only reveal why, it will also show you how to shake it off for…

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The Psychology of Laziness

Laziness affects us all. It limits our ability to produce to the maximum and experience greater happiness and success. “I just don’t feel motivated to do anything. I know I should be pushing hard and doing something worthwhile but nothing seems to interest me enough to get me going. I feel like I am too…

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Transform Anxiety with Visualisation (13 Steps)

Visualisation has creative energy that few other intellectual human factors can match. If you know how to use anticipatory visualisation technique to your advantage, you can dislodge anxiety in the brain. Your negative thoughts, feelings, imaginations and your avoidance mechanism conspired together over time to programme your emotional mind for anxiety. To overcome anxiety, you…

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anxiety recovery

3 Principles that Hold the Keys to Anxiety Recovery

You can transform anxiety. This is possible if you have access to the right intervention and are willing to put in the necessary work. Your personal responsibility is essential. It is not enough to have a desire for change. You will need to set change in motion through your corresponding actions. The best analogy for…

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4 Noted Benefits of the FEAR Model for GAD and Panic Recovery

The following benefits have been gathered from both the sufferers and professionals who have used the FEAR model either as a self-help tool or as a model for helping clients: 1. Health and fitness. The FEAR Model helps restore the body to function as intended. Emotional stress and anxiety messes up the nervous system, increases…

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The F.E.A.R Model

The F.E.A.R. Model Recovery Steps for GAD and Panic

Anxiety disorder can be painfully stubborn to overcome. I know this because I’ve been through it myself. Anxiety can easily be ingrained in the brain like a tattoo, making it incredibly difficult to undo. Of course, you can dislodge the old wiring of anxiety in the brain and re-programme your brain for calm and confidence, if you know the right steps to take.…

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adrenal fatigue

Adrenal Fatigue Treatment – Your 3 Month Recovery Plan

Adrenal fatigue has become  a common disorder among  many people suffering from anxiety and chronic stress.  Adrenal fatigue, also known as adrenal exhaustion, is caused when the body’s adaptive energy that protects us from being overwhelmed  by stress cannot longer do so. We get extra energy to combat stress from our adrenal glands. But if…

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