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6 Steps To Defeat Loneliness

Try the following tips to overcome any kind of loneliness caused by Real-Self Alienation (to understand real-self alienation, read my article on overcoming loneliness): See your loneliness as an internal challenge, as opposed to external.  Accept that the cause of your loneliness is beyond the fact that others do not care about connecting with you.…

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Overcome Sudden Feelings of Discouragement and Depression

Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed with the feelings of sudden discouragement and depression? For you, does it feel like your joy, enthusiasm and hope just vanish in a flash, and you are left with the unpleasant feelings moodiness, dejection and emptiness? This article may be helpful to you. Study shows that the more loving,…

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Cure Anxiety and Panic By Grieving Well

Taking time to grieve effectively when we experience a loss can help us avoid developing aggravated anxiety-related conditions. Repressed negative emotions are the major causes of anxiety disorders. And there is hardly a faster way to accumulate such unpleasant emotions like when we experience a loss of a loved one or of something very important…

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Causes of Christmas Anxiety, Panic and Depression

If you have not suffered from anxiety disorders before, you’ll probably find the topic of this article a bit strange, because Christmas, to you, is a time to be happy and celebrate. That is absolutely true. But I’m afraid not everybody feels this way. Many people find the month of December, as a whole, very…

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6 Ways to Avoid Christmas Anxiety

Guard your mind from unrealistic seasonal influences. Refuse to be sold alive by the media. What you watch on TV or hear over the radio about how  an “ideal” Christmas should look like can literally send you into a deep valley of discontent, resentment, unhappiness and self-pity. Remember that nearly all TV adverts seek to…

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7 Steps to Overcome Your Bad Feelings

We are all creatures of relationship. And as such, we pick up different kinds of feelings as we interact with others. Some are bad feelings while others are good. But what happens when we develop a bad feeling concerning someone or something? How do we handle the left-behind uneasiness and the agitation? How do we…

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