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transforming stress

Transforming Stress: a few steps

Stress has become a huge source disability in our societies today. Stress suffocates hopes, ruins relationships and destroys human aspirations. But for us to achieve happiness and fulfilment in life, we must undersdand how to shift a stressful state any time it crawls into our mental arena. In this short video, I share a few…

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The Psychology of Smiling

Smiling has been known for centuries for its positive effects on our mind and nervous system. Do you know that smiling does a better job than chocolate in stimulating the brain’s reward mechanism that makes us feel good and happy? Look at children. They are happier and have more energy because they laugh a lot…

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Why Do I Silently Hope Other People Will Fail?

Do you secretly like hearing about the misfortunes of other people? Do you take comfort in the failures of others around you? It may be that you feel a bit guilty about hoping your friend’s boyfriend dump her or your neighbour’s new car breaks down, but you can’t just help yourself thinking this way. We all…

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The 10 Habits of Emotionally Intelligent People

They always recognise that “thoughts” are causes and emotions are “effects”. Emotionally intelligent people understand that we live in a world strictly governed by the law of cause and effect, which says that “To every effect, there is a cause.” Therefore, they are fully aware that the thought that they permit to dominate their mind…

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Discouraged, But Not Destroyed: What To Do When You Are Discouraged (7 Steps)

Whether you like it or not, there will be seasons in your life when you’ll have to battle your way through feelings of discouragement. As along as we are alive, we’ll never outgrow intermittent feelings of discouragement, regardless of the level of our emotional intelligence, motivation or success. So, when you find yourself on the…

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7 Steps to Get Ahead In Your Relationships

  The desire to feel important in humans is extremely compelling and as crucial as water is to the body. Every one wants to feel that they matter, and that their contributions are valuable and appreciated. The hunger to feel wanted and valuable is arguably the strongest psychological hunger known to man. There is no…

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