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MindBody Breakthrough Event

MindBody Breakthrough offers varieties of personal wellbeing and success workshops to schools, colleges, universities, organisations, community groups, businesses, interest groups, charities and corporations. All our courses can be tailored to the peculiar needs and time availability of your group. Our therapists/practitioners courses are quality checked and accredited by the National Counselling Society.

Anxiety Recovery Workshops

  • Overcoming GAD and Panic Disorders Workshop
  • Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts and Inner Critical Voice Workshop
  • Stress Management and Recovery Workshop
  • Overcoming Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia Workshop
  • Assisting Clients with Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders Workshop
  • Assisting Clients With Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice Workshop
  • Assisting Clients with Stress and Stress-Induced Pain Workshop
  • Assisting Clients with Social Anxiety and Agoraphobia Workshop.
  • Helping Clients with OCD.

Therapists/Practitioners Workshops

  • Treating GAD and Panic Disorders One-Day Workshop
  • Treating Intrusive Thoughts and Inner Critical Voice One-Day Workshop
  • Treating Chronic Stress and Stress-Induced Pains One-Day Workshop
  • Treating Obsessive Worry

Personal Development & Success Workshops

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Marketing & Digital Products Creation Workshops

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"...It was very informative and works with my other therapies..."

"...Understanding and helpful..."

"...The online courses are also great for people who don't wish to see someone face to face..."

"..Great day!...! This course information will be very useful in therapy."

What Previous Delegates Are Saying

“Very informative, enjoyable and varied.”

Paul A. (The MMM Coach)

“I especially like the diagrams – FEAR model and FEAR cycle. Really looking forward to trying it myself and with clients. Wonderful, relaxing and inspiring deliverer of the training – THANK YOU!

Nicola F. (Life Coach)

“Wale is a fascinating speaker and facilitator. The group had some challenging questions for him which he dealt with really well. I feel like I got a lot from the his sessions and could listen to him all day! Thank you.”

Julie H. (Care Service Manager)

“Very useful – much food for thought. Engaging speaker.”

P.B. (anxiety sufferer)

“I enjoyed the mix of neurology and practicality. Appreciated handout.”

Sue (Trainee Counsellor)

“Really enjoyed the workshop. Wale came across as friendly and approachable. I will be able to apply what I have learned with clients straight away. I liked his way of teaching – it didn’t come across as dogmatic.”

Michelle B. (Counsellor and Hypnotherapist)

“I enjoyed how comfortable the whole session was.”

(anxiety sufferer)

“I enjoyed the relaxing visualisation. It helped me ‘flip’.”

Jannine H.

“Excellent insight, practical and useful – both personally and professionally.”

Leona S. (School Counsellor)

“Interesting course that that made me think of different ways of connecting with clients.”

A. Batten (Counsellor)

“Very useful information and food for thought moving forward as can be used in the future with clients.”

Fiona (Counsellor)

“Very happy I came. Will take a lot away from it.”

Kate S (Person-centred counsellor)

“Good value CPD”

“This was very informative and I will use this within my practice.”

Clare B. (Counsellor / hypnotherapist)

“Fabulous value and very in-depth at the right level of learning.”

Samantha H. (Mindset Mentor)

“Enjoyed the humour!”

“This information was excellent and I feel I can use this as a valuable tool in my work with clients and in my own life.”

(Counsellor / psychotherapist)

Thought provoking, valuable information and learning. Tutor knows his subject and can put it across. I work with addicts and this subject impacts on all of them.”

Alex M. (Addiction Counsellor)

“I gained a lot of knowledge on this subject. The practical scenarios are helpful and will help me to work on my own intrusive thoughts. I feel I could impart my knowledge to others and use some techniques on my clients. I will be recommending this course.”

Miriam I. (Placement Counsellor)

“Very informative, provides simple, useable tool for managing anxiety applicable to everyday life and also for specific anxiety disorder.” Anon

“Great teaching and connection with the audience. Good in-depth details about how the F.E.A.R. model works with interesting analogies and demonstrations. Great use of flipcharts as a visual aid too.”

Erin L. (anxiety sufferer)

“I’ve really taken a lot from this. I’ve identified what changes I need to make and now have the ability to make those changes.”

(anxiety sufferer)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course, especially the links to current research and very clear, easy to understand applications.”

Counsellor, Bridge House

“Wale is a fantastic trainer and the energy that he emits is very uplifting and inspirational.”

Jo B (family carer)

“Delivered very well. Confident and inspiring.”

Jordan C (anxiety sufferer)

“Very interesting, great value for money. Would be interested in attending more workshops.”

“Great information for practitioner and personal use. Great presentation: informative, interesting, enjoyable and very useful.”

Jackie P. (Holistic Practitioner, Alternative Perceptions)

“It has changed my way of thinking immediately.”

Kelly H (anxiety sufferer)

Fantastic trainer. Very passionate and knowledgeable. Provide ways of overcoming anxiety and intrusive thoughts on a daily basis. Thank you.”

Clare P (anxiety sufferer)

“Very interesting content that has helped me understand my anxious mind and how I can change things.”

“Good level of knowledge. Complicated subjects described simply. I found it very interesting and enlightening.”


“The course was very informative and Wale was a brilliant teacher.”

Michelle S. (anxiety sufferer)

“The course was brilliant. I really enjoyed it. Wale was amazing!”

Jade M. (anxiety sufferer)

“I found it very helpful and am eager to apply what I have learned.”

Louise T. (anxiety sufferer)

This course educates on many levels. Very mind-opening, very informative. Very accessible, personable and anecdotal whilst still academic. Enjoyed every minute.”

(anxiety sufferer)

“I enjoyed this seminar. I feel confident that I can ‘advance’!”

Christine T. – anxiety sufferer

“Well delivered, explained and presented, in a manner that gave confidence to try to use approach.” Anonymous

“Good analogies, able to communicate on different levels, would recommend.”

Mandy F

“Brilliant workshop! Lots of info and presented in an interesting, fun way. An effective tool to use alongside counselling. Great examples and I enjoyed the relaxation exercise. Thanks Wale!”

Sarah (Counsellor)

“This workshop met my goals above my expectations. Thank you soo much!”

Lydia M (anxiety sufferer)

“I related well to Wale when spoke of his personal journey, which enabled me to connect to the learnings very well. Greatly enjoyjed my day, super guy. Thank you.”

Denise M (Complementary Therapist and Mindfulness Teacher – private and NHS)

“I enjoyed the subject and the F.E.A.R. model. The tutor was very personable and fun.”

Counsellor / Psychotherapist

“Found the course informative and enjoyable”

Kate I. (Trainee nutritional therapist)

“I was really inspired and enthused by the course – the integration of science and metaphysics was especially welcomed, so often the body, mind and spirit and treated as individual and compartmentalised, so to see an integrated approach was excellent. I thoroughly enjoyed the course – thank you.”

Julie F. (Social Worker and Hypnotherapist)

“Very well presented. Wale Oladipo was a good teacher.”

Ray S. (anxiety sufferer)

“Good course to understand anxiety.”


“Really enjoyable. Especially like hearing personal stories.”

Karen B. (School Counsellor)

“Excellent course – ‘covers what it says’ and more, including the science behind things.”

Melanie R (Snr HR Advisor / Director, Employment Advice Ltd)

“Very informative and interesting.” Head of Music in a school

“Good. Thank you! I loved the presenter’s relaxed style and use of own stories.”

“Wale presented the information in a way that was in-depth but easy to understand with lots of real life examples to clarify.”

Helen L. (Nutritional Therapy Student)

“Very pleased with the course and how it explained in depth things that I didn’t understand. I now have tools to help me.”

Louise P. (anxiety sufferer)

“Excellent. Very informative and interesting. Delivered in a way that can I can understand. Really looking forward to utilizing my new skills.”

Kim J (Personal and Family Support Worker,

“It was brilliant theory backed by interesting stories and case studies.”

Parminder B. (Personal and Family Support Worker,

“Today was very informative and I have had lots of further understanding into anxiety. The technique is easy although it requires dedication from the client to do it on a daily basis, but well worth it. Fully enjoyed the learning and teaching.”

Susan H. (Trainee counsellor)

“Good course content delivered in a relaxed environment. Beneficial for both professionals and patients.

(Anxiety sufferer)

“Excellent facilitator and workshop. Will definitely recommend it to others. Great value for money at the early bird price.”

Susan A (Student of Counselling and Psychotherapy)

“I found the course very engaging and very interesting. I can see how I can apply this within my practice to benefit my clients.”

Sam L. (Talking Therapist)

“Everything was great. Wale is fantastic and has lots of different ways which is simple to understand. I am taking a lot of information and tools away from this workshop. Thank you.

D. Dhariwal (Counsellor)

Treating GAD and Panic Attacks 

“Insightful. The light was switched on with regard to effect of anxiety on our being. It now shines brighter through the understanding and knowledge passes on today.”

(anxiety sufferer)

“Good course. First I’ve been on and would follow up.”


“The course has given me some easy-to-follow steps to help my anxiety.”


“I really enjoyed the course. I learned so much about myself and about why people around me often behave the way they do.”

Belinda F (Student / Holistic Therapist)

“The course was really beneficial for me and I feel more able to cope with panic attacks and more positive about the future.”

Helen W. (anxiety sufferer)

“Excellent. I gained a better understanding about how the mind works, enabling me to see how the steps taught would work rather than just being told what to do without understanding why.”

Kim W. (Reiki Practitioner)

“Really useful course that I can imagine using on my own and with clients.”

Jennifer Y (Counsellor)

“Host was personal, respectful and approachable. Course content was helpful and plentiful.”

Lauren R. (anxiety sufferer)

“The message about tackling negative thoughts and implementing practical solutions came across loud and clear.”

“Interesting concepts presented in an understandable way.”

Janet J (Registered Mental Health Nurse)

“Warm and engaging speaker, knowledgeable. Good use of personal experience by Wale.

Nathan S (Psychotherapist)

“Thought-provoking. I found the ‘life experiences’ discussion and the focus on compassion triggering.”

J.L.  (anxiety sufferer)

“Wale was very knowledgeable and interesting. The course was excellent. Wale was able to assist me to relate to all teachings. His personal insights were invaluable. I think this will help someone suffering from anxiety.”

Catherine M (Hypnotherapist)

“Highly informative and well delivered. I will definitely use this in my practice as a CPN working with patients with anxiety disorders.”

Clare O. (Community Psychiatric Nurse)

“Very insightful with step-by-step guide. Easy to follow.  Great learning about what anxiety is and how to deal with it. Nice to have the lecture notes to refer to when needing help. Interesting to learn about the science behind it and all the quotes from philosophers and scientists.”

Katie A. (SEO executive / anxiety sufferer)

“Brilliant atmosphere and teacher. Great way of presenting such a serious topic. People felt safe and were telling their personal stories. Thanks for the copy of slides and space for comments. Definitely enjoyed the whole workshop!”

Hania W. (Clinical Health student psychologist)

“Absolutely fantastic day. So well delivered and easy to understand. Really made me understand myself a lot more too.”

Alex W (Registered General Nurse and Clinical Hypnotherapist)

“Exceptional event which tackles a complex subject in a much easier to understand way. Fantastic value for money. Delivered by an extremely knowledgeable and articulate presenter. I would strongly recommend this to companies, counsellors and sufferers.”

Lorraine M. (General Manager)

“Very easy to understand, no jargon, approachable and encouraging discussions.”

Janice B (anxiety sufferer)

“A very succinct and clear teaching about anxiety which is useful and a practical tool I will use in my practice.”

Susan D (CBT Therapist, The Glasgow Cognitive Therapy Centre)

“Extremely personable presenter. Enjoyable workshop”

Shirley R. (Hypnotherapist and Asst. Manager, Harvest Clinic Glasgow)

“Wale clearly has a genuine passion for this topic. I feel encouraged that I am capable of helping myself. Thank you!”

Alex B (anxiety sufferer)

“Excellent speaker. Very engaging and interactive with the attendees. Allowed plenty of questions to be asked. Felt he cared.”

Hazel L. (Complementary Therapist, Complementary Pathways)

“I found this workshop extremely helpful and Wale’s knowledge is incredible. I will be re-attending next year.”

(Feeling Good, Stress PT and Therapies)

Really enjoyed the course. Very in-depth and focuses on solutions and understanding underlying reasons for difficulties. Very well presented and clear.

M. Bilbe, Complementary Therapist/Hypnotherapist

The course offers basic knowledge and techniques used in treating GAD and Panic Disorders. Makes you want to know more.

L. Guest, Counsellor/GRTS Support Worker

Really good content to help those in private practice.

N. Gill, NHS - IAPT Psychological Therapist/Interpersonal Psychotherapist

You do not have to be a professional as it was explained in such a way anyone could understand. Good use of slides and diagrams for teaching.


Wale seems very passionate about his work and very positive about the outcomes for people..."

D. Jenkins, Counsellor/Psychotherapist

Really good content to help those in private practice.

N. Gill, NHS - IAPT Psychological Therapist/Interpersonal Psychotherapist

I found this course very useful, easy to follow and apply. Treating GAD and Panic was phenomenal for me as I have a daughter going through anxiety attacks and depression.

N. Dorin, Mental Health Nurse

I am very satisfied with the workshop and I am pleased I found it. The content was interesting and well delivered.


I see people professionally in the community with mental health issues so this is helpful. I have also personal experience of anxiety so can apply it to me too. So this course helps professionals and sufferers.

D. Stephens, Parish Nurse

Very helpful.

W. Layton, Counsellor

Learnt the reasons why anxiety exists, what feeds it and how it can be "switched off."

Anonymous, Counsellor

Personal Development & Success Workshops

  • High Performance: How to Double Your Rate of Productivity and Personal Success; For Leaders.
  • 4 Master Keys to Happiness and Success for TEENS: One-Day Seminar
  • The Power of Optimism: How To Realise Your Dreams and Create a Good Life: One-Day Seminar
  • The Millionaire Within: 15 Steps for Turning Your Potential Into Profits and High Performance: One-Day Seminar
  • Time Management: Taking Control of Time for Maximum Achievements: One-Day Seminar
  • Self-Discipline for Success: Learn the Most Important Key to Personal Success and Greater Life Satisfaction: One-Day Seminar
  • Public Speaking: Speak to Win:One-Day Seminar
  • Goal-Setting: Discovering the Power of Goal Setting and How it Can Help You Achieve Unprecedented Success: One-Day Seminar
  • Overcoming Self-Doubt and Achieving Your Full Potential: One-Day Workshop
  • The Psychology of Attraction: Attract Right Relationships: One-Day Seminar
  • Steps to Earning More, Living More and Contributing More: One-Day Workshop
  • How to Double Your Brain-Power for Heightened Self-Expression and Creativity: One Day Seminar

Marketing & Digital Products Creation Workshops

  • Turn Your Ideas/Expertise Into Profitable Information Products: Learn How to Create Your Own Online Courses, Audio/Video Programmes, eBooks, etc: Two-Full Day Workshop
  • The Science of Selling:For Ambitious Sales Personnel: Sell Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: One-Day Workshop
  • Websites Building, Traffic Generation, Optimisation and SEO: One-Day Workshop
  • Relationship Selling: Building Profitable Email lists and Converting Visitors into Buyers: One-Day Workshop
  • How to Run Digital Products Launches that Sell: One-Day Workshop

"A very interesting, engaging and informative day. Helped me identify a niche which I have not been able to do for the last 14 years." -- J.  Greensmith, Hypnotherapist


"This workshop has made me turn a corner in motivating me to use my passion, and also made me realise why I haven't put it into use before. It was too huge - but breaking it down into sub-niches has made a big difference. It's fantastic!"  -- Anonymous, Chiropractor


"Wale is a very likeable and engaging presenter. A very helpful workshop which helps motivate me to the next step of my business."  -- K.G. Psychologist


"A lot of valuable content, Great venue and organisation. Lots of content included and all very relevant to someone starting out." --- T. Wood, Parenting Trainer, Coach and Speaker


"Great tutor. The course was informative and very enlightening." Anonymous, young entreprenuer


"I needed some motivation and assurance for and about my chosen niche. Very informative. I learned things other courses I've attended didn't cover. Clear, concise and very informative." J. Whiteley, Photographer

Treating GAD and Panic Workshop

This was well attending. I have 20 years experience as a counsellor and found something new to take away...

Frances Owen, Volunteer Counsellor with SRASAC

Interesting. Informative. Professionally presented. Thank you. Information that you can apply to your practice and self. Very good CPD.

Angela Wilson, NHS III Clinical Lead

Thank you so much for this workshop. It was brilliant and I will tell everyone about it. Really confirmed what I already knew about mental illness being a product of repressed negative emotions rather than a genetic predisposition that can be treated by long term use of dangerous meds. Great to find like minded people, well done!

Katherine Littlewood, Disability Sheffield

Interesting. Informative. Professionally presented. Thank you. Information that you can apply to your practice and self. Very good CPD.

Anonymous, Hypnotherapist

Enjoyable and informative.

Katherine Sanchez, Trainee Hypnotherapist

Good strategies that could be used with a range of service users.

Adele Kenedy, Occupational therapist

This was brilliant, really interesting link to how feelings, emotions stored subconsciously.

Anonymous, Chiropractor

This workshop has revived my knowledge of some therapies covered years ago. Very helpful in my dealings with negative emotions.

Anonymous, Registered Nurse & General

A very useful and enjoyable workshop.

Anonymous, Hypnotherapist

I enjoy it and learnt some useful techniques to use with my clients. Wale is laid back and explained things well.

Anonymous, Children's Occupational Therapist

Enjoyed the presenter's style and charisma and content.

Rachel Gray, Counsellor

Very informative. Real life experiences. The presenter is very knowledgeable.

Roselie Goche, Registered Nurse and General

Treating Intrusive Thoughts Workshop

"..Very thorough coverage of in-deph processes. Engaging speaker..."

"...I thought the workshop was really interesting...I will be able to apply the information gained into my practice"

"...Excellent impactful..."

Turn Your Passion Into Profit Workshop

"..The course was delivered very well and I have taken away quite a few good tips to use in my personal life and career.."

"..This is an excellent course that I will recommend to people especially those who are still struggling to know what they want in life!"

"..Great presentation.."

"..Thought provoking. Motivational. Inspires further reading.."

"..Great Tutor! Wale is very knowledgeable, resourceful and compelling...!"

"..A course to be given in schools all over the nation. Inspiring!"

"..Excellent. Well articulated.."

"..The workshop is so rich and has helped me to understand the principle of success...!"

"..The workshop is an eye opener to practical application of things I have heard in the past and today...!"

"..The course was informative and very enlightening...!"

"...A happy relaxed presentation, encouraging further exploration of our disabling fears and looking to a brighter future..."

More Workshops & Online Courses Feedback

Wale, I found you very inspirational, full of energy and fun! Thank you so much for a very helpful workshop!! Kind regards

Amerj, Bradford Enterprise Enablement Officer, E3 Bradford

Wale Oladipo offered his services to Whitcliffe Mount Business and Enterprise College, a large 11-16 school in Kirklees. He made a presentation to over 360 of our 13/14 year old pupils on the theme of how to succeed in life through having a positive outlook and channelling your efforts into positive thinking. His enthusiasm and confident manner impressed many of our students. I highly recommend Wale as a very effective motivational public speaker. His passion and sincerity enabled him to hold the attention of a large audience of young teenagers, which in itself is no mean feat. It is always encouraging and important to help people to find positive ways to view their own lives and to develop self-assurance and a responsible outlook.

John McGee, Headteacher, Whitcliffe Mount B & E College, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

Having attended two of Wale’s online courses for therapists (Treating generalised Anxiety Disorder and Stress Management), I can say that his courses are very practical, helpful and well delivered. The Mindbody Breakthrough approach taught is an eye opener to me. I am looking forward to implementing the understanding gained in my practice, especially the S.T.R.E.S.S model. Thank you Wale.

Susan, Counsellor, Australia

I have been really impressed with Wale’s energy, therapy approaches and delivery skills. His ability to teach complicated stuff in a simple way has been one of my highlights of the course. The intrusive thoughts recovery course answered a lot of psychological questions which I have been searching answers for. I really recommend this course for any practitioner wanting to access effective and proven solutions for various anxiety-related disorders.

Pete, Hypnotherapist, USA

I was a little bit sceptical about signing up for the “Information Product Creation” course run by Wale, as I felt I already know a few things about the subject. But after completing the course, all I could say was “Wow, I am glad I did sign up.” I definitely recommend this course to anyone who really wants to get their message out there in a way that frees them up to do other things as well as make extra passive income.

Luke, Start-up Entrepreneur, New Zealand

Wale Oladipo gave a most interesting presentation about ‘Anxieties and Panic Attacks – Cause and Cure’.

The presentation was informative, enlightening and helpful.  It showed us how we can improve our own anxieties by changing negative thoughts to positive thoughts, a sort of self-help.  He also did a little role play how we can help others by changing their negative thoughts to positive ones.

Wale Oladipo runs on-line courses for people suffering from depression and anxieties, but is always willing to see people on a one-to-one basis.

His presentation was very professional and engaging. 

Trees Fewster, Branch Leader, Mothers' Union, Diocese of Wakefield

Wale is very enthusiastic and clear, very informed and knowledgeable.

B. Bond, CSE Counsellor

I am also an Anxiety UK approved therapist providing therapeutic support to the charity’s members and partner beneficiaries. I am subject to Anxiety UK’s regular monitoring of my professional qualifications, supervision, continual professional development, insurance and professional body membership in addition to complying with the ethical framework and professional standards set down by my registered governing body.

Full details of the Anxiety UK approved therapist scheme can be found here - Details about becoming a member of Anxiety UK to be able to access therapy via the charity can be found here