Overcome Intrusive Thoughts & Silence The Inner Critical Voice

Beat compulsive negative thinking and enjoy calm, happiness and confidence...

You Can Have A Restful Mind & Enjoy Life fully...

Intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice are the most notorious breeders of anxiety disorders. And sufferers can experience a great deal of unwanted thoughts and compulsive negative thinking, generating various kinds of negative feelings and emotions, such as: guilt, shame, self-condemnation, poor self-esteem, feelings of unworthiness, stress and anxiety.

What This Porgramme Will Do For You:

This is an intensive, 13-step psychotherapeutic, online programme designed to:

  • Heal and transform the source of your intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice.
  • Empower your mind and body for calm, happiness and confidence - so that you can enjoy your life to the full and maximize your potential.
  • Eliminate generated stress and anxiety symptoms as a result of the activities of the intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice within the psyche.
  • Increase your mental resilience and emotional intelligence to stay above compulsive negative thinking for life.

What You Get In The Programme:

  • Instant access to over 30 videos that take you step-by-step to full recovery from compulsive intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice.
  • Over 30 downloadable instructional manuals (PDF) which provide you with the vital recovery guidelines that, if followed, will guarantee your transformation.
  • Guided-imagery/Relaxation audio to defuse your stress and anxiety and re-condition your mind for calm, happiness and confidence.
  • Unlimited membership access to your private member area.
  • Unlimited access to recovery articles and materials to strengthen and ensures the permanence of your transformation.
  • Professional supports.
  • 100% satisfaction or your full money back.

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You Too Can Join Those Who Have Used The MindBody Breakthrough Programme To Transform Their Lives...

You Will Need More Than Positive Thinking Or Distraction Techniques To Eliminate Compulsive Negative and Unwanted Thoughts

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The first key to overcoming anxiety is to understand a few recovery principles that make a massive difference in your mind and emotions…!

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It's Not Your Fault For Not Being Able To Get Rid Of Them...

Compulsive unwanted thoughts and inner critical voice are specific outlets of anxiety disorders. And as such, they cannot be stopped by merely changing the way you think. It doesn't just work! Likewise, you can’t outgrow them by just ignoring them, using distraction techniques. This only makes them grow bigger and more debilitating…

Your intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice are anxiety outlets which your emotional brain is DELIBERATELY generating to protect you from being exposed to much bigger pains or repressed negative emotions within your psyche…

This is why you can't thinking more positively enough to get rid of compulsive unwanted thoughts, fueled by underlying anxiety disorders. Until the source of your intrusive thoughts or inner critical voice is healed and transformed, your symptoms will continue to strengthen themselves - because they feel they are doing you a BIG favour…

For you to be able to get your peace of mind restored, you will need to realise that your intrusive thoughts and inner critical voice is a personality within your psyche, carrying out a so called "important" role of protecting your psyche from bigger threats, which have been identified in your subconscious mind…

What Should Your Immediate Goal Be...?

Now your goal is to make sure your outlet of anxiety is relieved from its protective role, and this is when you’ll have your full life back from anxiety disorders…

There are proven psycho-therapeutic steps you can take to make sure your compulsive intrusive thinking is relieved from its extreme protective role. Once these steps are taken, your entire thought-life and mind becomes transformed. You can now enjoy your life, give your mind a deserved rest, take full charge of your emotional life and save yourself from a lot of emotional sufferings and headaches.



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