Overcome Sudden Feelings of Discouragement and Depression

Do you sometimes find yourself overwhelmed with the feelings of sudden discouragement and depression? For you, does it feel like your joy, enthusiasm and hope just vanish in a flash, and you are left with the unpleasant feelings moodiness, dejection and emptiness? This article may be helpful to you.

alonenessStudy shows that the more loving, ambitious, creative and productive a person is or is capable of becoming, the more likely he’ll suffer from a mild state of sudden discouragement and depression.

But Does that Mean You Are Chronically Depressed?

If you can relate with the above descriptions, that does not mean you are clinically depressed. In this article, I am not referring to living with “severe” or “chronic” depression, with symptoms that can last for weeks or months and can affect your work life, family life and social life.

What I am talking about here is the mild state of depressing feelings that only lasts for a week at most. You basically exhibit some of the symptoms of depression for a short period of time, such as, losing interest in things you normally enjoy, feeling sad, emotionally heavy, short-tempered, and discouraged. Some people experience this once or twice a month, while others can have an episode once a week.

What Can Possibly Cause This Mild Depression Symptoms?

There are various reasons for this, some of which are work related stress, tensions in relationship, betrayal, rejection, emotional and physical tiredness, biological chemical imbalances, just to mention a few. It is also important to mention that it is possible that the sufferer does not know the cause of the symptoms of mild depression. Some causes are simply not obvious.

 Why You Should Do Something About Sudden Feelings of Depression and Discouragement

If you ignore it, it will continue to grow – meaning that the time it takes for you to recover fully from your mild state of depression will keep increasing. And this can eventually lead to severe depression. So, what starts as a sudden or once-in-a-while episode can literally grow to become permanent and continuous.

Try the following tips to beat your sudden feelings of depression and discouragement:

 4 Tips to Beat Sudden feelings of discouragement and depression

1. Get A Good Sleep. This might sound a bit too simple.  But you’ll be surprised to know how many people end up severely depressed due to fatigue. Make sure you have a good night rest. And if, for some reason, you cannot have up to 6-7 hours night sleep, make up for it by having  a nap during the day. This is extremely important for your body to maintain its effective internal equilibrium.

If you struggle to sleep at night because you cannot switch your mind off, then this is a different situation and you should be looking at dealing with stress and anxiety. You can subscribe to my newsletters for free reports on The most effective ways to defeat stress and anxiety.

2. Schedule An Exercise Program. You will need the positive energy of endorphins to overcome the symptoms of mild depression and lift yourself up to happiness and productivity. Make your exercise program very reasonable – small, but consistent for at least a week. Also, you do not have to continue the exercise program (it will be helpful if you do), but it is important that you get physically active for your mood alteration and emotional well-being.

3. Set Goals For The Week. Identify at least five little goals you can set for yourself and achieve in the next week. They must be small and achievable. It could just be something like tidying up your closet, ironing your clothes, working for 30 minutes in the garden or  reading three pages a day from a good motivational book. Your brain needs to collect a few memories of little successes in order to work with your nervous system to release energising and happy chemicals. these chemicals are then released into your blood streams, making you happier, energetic, and in control.

4. Practice Kindness. Do something good for somebody, especially something that requires your practical efforts, such as, listening to somebody that needs listening ears or helping someone mow the grass, etc,. Studies show that those who frequently practice kindness are ten times more likely to beat their depression than those who do not get involved in any acts of kindness.

An act of kindness is like a dose of antidepressants without any side effects. Serotonin, a powerful brain neurotransmitter responsible for well-being and happiness, increases when you engage in an act of kindness. And as a result, you become happier and  more hopeful, with a greater sense of self-confidence and optimism.

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