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Can Alcohol Consumption Cause Morning Anxiety?

What is your take on drinking and morning anxiety? Do you think one fuels the other, or do you feel they are not connected at all? Alcohol effects on morning anxiety are increasingly being pointed out by many people suffering from morning anxiety. That’s why I thought my following answers to two of the recent…

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Morning Anxiety

What is your experience with morning anxiety? Do you feel you’re absolutely not a morning person? Do you find it hard getting out of bed, never mind planing or getting the day started? In the mornings, do you wake up feeling uncontrollably helpless, panicky, totally de-motivated, empty, with a depressing sense of being isolated from…

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6 Ways to Avoid Christmas Anxiety

Guard your mind from unrealistic seasonal influences. Refuse to be sold alive by the media. What you watch on TV or hear over the radio about how  an “ideal” Christmas should look like can literally send you into a deep valley of discontent, resentment, unhappiness and self-pity. Remember that nearly all TV adverts seek to…

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