The “Litle Known” Natural Cure For Panic and Anxiety

Helping clients suffering from various anxiety disorders in my therapy clinic in Bradford and through my online anxiety recovery programmes, for many years now, has continued to confirm one of my strongest persuasions that the major cause of anxiety-related disorders lies in the accumulations of human’s negative emotions.

My therapy approach has always centered around helping clients to release their negative emotions, (past, present and future) and the results have always been tremendously great.

I can’t still believe why many psychologists and therapists of our days are still ignoring or minoring on this powerful discovery in their therapy sessions with anxiety sufferers. I think almost nobody is going the extra-mile, digging deep to expose the roots of anxiety disorder hidden in the negative emotions since Freud.

In fact, some therapists have built their successful careers on developing coping strategies for anxiety sufferers. And in the process, they have become extremely proficient in helping their anxiety patients master various coping mechanisms for living amicably with their anxiety – which, without any doubt, can be hugely can be helpful.

But I believe we can even do better by leading anxiety sufferers to total freedom , as opposed to only helping them cope and live with their anxiety.

I have proven it over and over again in my work with anxiety sufferers – that the major cause of anxiety panic disorders is rooted in the repressed or unexpressed negative emotions. And several of my clients who are using my anxiety recovery manual around the world are constantly singing the praises of its simplicity and effectiveness.

As I tweeted recently, “You cannot detach yourself from the anxiety, whose source you are still emotional attached to.” In other words, until you detach from the source of your anxiety, you cannot dis-entangle your mind and body its negative effects.

Ignoring negative emotions in treating anxiety-disorders is like ignoring excessive eating in treating obesity. Just like the formula for losing weight has remained simple for centuries – “Eat Less and Exercise More,” the formula for overcoming anxiety-related disorders has also remained simple for centuries – “Store Less Negative Emotions and Exercise the Power of Positive Thinking More.”

But unfortunately, we have embraced the latter and resented the former. It is exactly like losing weight, many of us don’t mind exercising more, but we struggle to give up eating more than necessary.

If you are a human being, surely you must have experienced unpleasant moments or situations that generated gallons of negative emotions into your subconscious mind. It could be rejections, disappointments, redundancy, divorce, separation, unemployment, love withheld in childhood, loss of a loved one, loss of a cherished pet, failures, disabilities, abuse (emotional, physical, or sexual), poverty, just to mention a few. while we might be able to identify some causes of our negative emotions,  some causes of negative emotions can still be unknown to the conscious mind, but recorded, kept fresh and well known to the subconscious mind.

Once your negative emotions reservoir is filled up in the subconscious mind, then your brain must very quickly produce anxious feelings, anxiety, panic, OCD or any other anxiety-related condition. The purpose of this act is to stop those raging and overflowing negative emotions in the subconscious from exploding into your conscious mind. Because if this happens, you can lose your mind. So the brain produces outlets or channels for those negative emotions to express themselves without having to break their bank. And this is what nearly all anxiety-related symptoms are. They are simply outlets of raging and unprocessed negative emotions. And what does that really mean? It means if you can adequately get rid of your negative emotions, you can get rid of your anxiety.

There are more than 50 different types of negative emotions, but anger is the most ferocious – it is a killer. When anger is repressed for so long, it turns to rage and begins to produce other complex outlets such as irrational fear – which, by the way, is one of the biggest players as far as stress, anxiety and other anxiety-related outlets are concerned.

So if you are currently suffering from anxiety, think “negative emotions.” The more you un-clutter them, the more you un-fasten your mind and body from anxiety disorders. But in combating the roots of your anxiety through releasing negative emotions, you must know how to go about it. There are proven steps you must follow for greater effectiveness and success.

To help you achieve this and more, click here to read more about my Anxiety Panic Recovery Breakthrough Programme, which many people have used successfully and are still using around the world to overcome their anxiety. It is free to download. If you are interested, why don’t you give it a try? It’s risks free ad 100% guaranteed to work or your money back.

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