The “Two-Minds-In-One” Way to Reduce General Anxiety Symptoms

How Can You Protect Your Mind From the Escalating Anxiety…?

When I understood this “Two-Mind-In-One” concept, I began to regain control from my escalating anxiety, and I’ve never looked back. I eventually became completely free from it and now helping people around the world overcome theirs.

Let me share with you very quickly how your understanding about the “Two-Mind-In-One” concept can help you overcome any anxiety-related condition you may have :

The human mind is divided into two minds:

The conscious mind, and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is like the programmer that is typing in information into you, through your thoughts and physical senses (sight, smell, sound, taste and touch).

Your subconscious mind is like a computer hardware and storage device. This is where all the information and experiences that pass through your conscious mind are filed away and stored.

Your Self-Concept

Now, what we call your “Self-concept” or your “Self-belief” is this ingrained programme or software that has been formed on your mind. This now determines what you produce in your life, how you think about stuff, the meaning you give to events in your life, your behaviours and the kind of mind-related disorders you will suffer from.

Your Self-Concept and Anxiety

One thing you should know about anxiety disorder is that it becomes part of your self-concept, that ingrained programme or software in the subconscious mind that now determines what you produce in life. This is why many people find it difficult to get rid of their anxiety-related issues. Once anxiety has been tattooed into the skin of the mind, it takes some special conditions to undo it.

These Two Things Are Crucial Regarding Anxiety

Now this is very interesting: Your self-concepts are programmed in two primary forms of suggestions:

1. The things that you have said to yourself and believed (we call this auto-suggestions). I am worthless. Nobody can ever like me, I’m fat. I’m tired. I can’t get out of debt. I won’t ever get a better job. I can’t stand the relationship I have with my father. I’ll never find a soulmate in life. I’ll never overcome my anxiety. All of these things you have said to yourself many times over have now become part of your self-concept.
2. The second way you programme our self-concept is through the things that others have said to you that you’ve believed (we call this hetero-suggestion). The example of these other people includes, your parents, teachers, siblings, relatives and other people that you respect.

Regarding your self-concept, there are two words that are very crucial that you must pay great attention to: “I” and “You.”  When you say “I,” and talk to yourself, your subconscious mind takes what you say very seriously. Therefore, you must ensure that those words are positive. If they are not, you’ll end up programming your subconscious mind with negativity.

Also, be careful what other say to you when they use the word “You” to you. Your subconscious mind tunes in when it hears the word ”You.” Therefore, when others say a bad thing to you about you, make sure you reject it immediately. If you don’t, and think about it instead, your subconscious mind will accept it as valid and filter it through to become part of your self-concepts.

These are some of the little things that later bring about our emotional stress and aggravated anxiety disorders. They make our anxiety very difficult to eliminate. Poor self-concepts actually fuel anxiety.
And like I said before, there are steps to undo your anxiety-related disorder which might have been tattooed into the mind, and sustained by negative self-concepts and, of course along with other factors.

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