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The Complete Step-By-Step Therapist's Manual For Successfully Treating Chronic Stress and Stress-Induced Conditions...

Learning Outcomes and Objectives

Learning Goals and Objectives:
In this course, you will learn, amongst other things :

  • The key understanding about how to clinically diagnose and defuse chronic stress disorder.
  • 11 ways not to cope with stress.
  • 21 Ways to managing stress.
  • The effective way to administer stress recovery sessions/classes to individuals and to groups.
  • The pitfalls to watch out for when helping with work-related stress among individuals and business leaders.
  • The vital key to stress relief: The Worry Instinct.
  • The three energy stages for stress recovery.
  • How to positively help clients channel their body’s stress response towards self-healing, calm and confidence.
  • How to stop stress from becoming chronic using the general adaptation syndrome model.
  • How to help clients develop a stress-proof mindset that will improve their effectiveness, productivity and happiness.
  • The 7 steps that clients can follow to avoid stress in any worry-inducing incident or thought.
  • The 3 important steps for help clients ensure that their ingrained beliefs are not fuelling their Stress.
  • How to successful treat clients suffering from chronic stress using the S.T.R.E.S.S model for stress relief and management.
  • How to overcome the embryonic stress and anxiety that often threatens to derail the success of therapy.
  • The effective model for assisting motivated individuals, employees, managers and business leaders to minimise stress and maximise productivity.
  • And more...

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