Treating Generalised Anxiety & Panic Attacks: The Practitioners' Essential Guide

Improve Your Success Rate with a Cutting-Edge Recovery Programme for Generalised Anxiety and Panic Attacks..

Generalised anxiety and panic disorder are often two of the easily noticeable signs of deep-seated issues. And if not treated properly, more complicated anxiety disorder outlets are inevitable.

Studies have shown that nearly a quarter of the adult population will suffer from an anxiety disorder at some point in their life. Yet only a small percentage of these people actually receive effective treatments that deal with the root-causes of anxiety and panic disorders.

Perhaps, you yourself as a therapist, have seen clients who have been through most of the mainstream anxiety recovery programmes with little or no improvement. The real epidemic is not really the disorders, but the inability of our mental health organisations to provide adequate recovery treatments that focuses on unearthing the underlying root-causes and permanently transforming the sufferers.

What do you learn in this course...?

In this course, participants will:

  1. Learn how to apply the seven weekly steps for the recovery of GAD and panic attacks.
  2. Understand the three main psychic elements responsible for the cause and cure of GAD and panic attacks.
  3. Master key emotional interactions within the psyche that perpetuate anxiety disorders.
  4. Learn how to break the underlying compulsive habits that threaten full recovery.
  5. Learn how to effectively manage any counterproductive response of the emotional brain as it tries to regain control during the recovery process.
  6. Understand the 6 ‘Mind-powers’ necessary to protect clients from relapses and ensure long-lasting recovery.
  7. Learn the most effective coping strategies for managing GAD and panic attacks.
  8. Learn the technique of ‘Guided Imagery’ peculiar to GAD and panic attacks.

 Other focuses for the day:

  • How to eliminate clients’ relapses during and after therapy sessions.
  • Common pitfalls to avoid before and during therapy sessions.
  • Q&A Session

Other Focuses:

  • How to eliminate clients’ relapses during and after their therapy sessions.
    Vital tips for student counsellors and newly qualified counsellors on how to succeed helping clients with various types of anxiety-related disorders.
  • The common pitfalls to avoid before and during your therapy sessions with anxiety disorders clients.
  • Q&A Session

For Therapists: Get FREE Tips & Recovery Materials On Treating GAD & Panic Disorder

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The Step-By-Step Recovery Guide to Help Your Clients Achieve their Recovery Goals...

Regardless of the therapy approach that you adopt, this programme will prove to be one of the most cherished tools in your therapy toolbox.

The spine of the MindBody Breakthrough Recovery Programme for GAD and panic attacks is shaped by two of the most effective psychotherapy modalities available today. This programme refines and combines the best of the Mind Body Connections approach designed by Dr John E. Sarno, the author of the Mind Body Prescription, and the Internal Family System modality by Richard Schwartz, the pioneer of the IFS therapy method.

One of the ways this recovery programme is different from any other is the fact that it’s been specifically tailored and tested for generalised anxiety and panic attacks. Before creating this programme, I had spent hundreds of hours treating clients with various therapy techniques and modalities while documenting the recovery rates and the longevity rates of each clients.

This programme is therefore the product of this personal research and observation.

All that you need to help takcle the generalised anxiety and panic disorder from the very source...

If you want a recovery programme that thoroughly deals with the root-causes and then transform them completely, this is the programme that you really need. It is pure psychotherapy, meaning that it is an intensive programme that is perfect for those clients who have tried other treatment methods with little or no improvement. The MindBody Breakthrough programme guarantees a shift within the psychic elements  responsible for sustaining and breeding anxiety-related disorders for your clients.

The programme has been arranged in an easy-to-read-and-apply way so that you can deliver it entirely in your therapy sessions without any fuss. It is packaged as a 7-Week recovery programme as most clients prefer a well defined time frame for therapy before they commit to buying. However, you can go at your client’s pace or at the best possible pace for each peculiar situation.

Some therapists have use the programme for over 12 sessions at a stretch while others have been able to deliver the programme and achieve transformation a lot less than 12 sessions. In any case, you have in your disposal a structured, tested and effective programme that can take your therapy results to a new level.

Every part of this programme is designed to fulfil a unique role in the overall results of your therapy sessions with clients. Therefore, take your time. Read purposefully! Read for transformation; not just for assimilation. And deliver it with confidence and great expectations!

Grow Your Practice: Use the MindBody Breakthrough Recovery Programme for Treating Generalised Anxiety and Panic Disorders...

You Too Can Join Those Who Are Now Using The MindBody Breakthrough Programme To Transform Other People's Lives...

Come Along To Our One-Day Workshop for Therapists...!

In an era where too much attention has been given to antidepressants prescriptions and on the coping mechanisms that temporarily numb the symptoms as opposed to eliminate them, there is a vital need for passionate therapists and counsellors who are willing to step into the neglected responsibility of really bringing the total transformation that every anxiety patient in our societies deserves.

This is the purpose of this one-day workshop.

Come along and discover the complete 7-Week Mind Body Breakthrough recovery programme for treating GAD and panic disorders. This is a structured step-by-step therapists’ guide that you can follow from start to finish for total recovery of your anxiety disorder clients.

The workshop will fully introduce you to a well tested and proven programme that combines the mind body connections psychotherapeutic approach with the best of the IFS approach to create a cutting-edge recovery programme that guarantees success.

The workshop is designed with series of role-plays to help you master each recovery step so that you can start using them straightaway and with confidence. You can eliminate the dilemmas of having to be spontaneous in your sessions to come up with the best treatment plan for assisting your anxiety disorder clients.

In this full one-day course, all the hard work has already been done for you. You only need to follow the 7 recovery steps, then watch the needed transformations unfold in your clients’ emotional, physical and mental life.

Please get in touch for the details of our next workshop.

For Therapists: Get FREE Tips & Recovery Materials On Treating GAD & Panic Disorder

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