Treating Intrusive Thoughts

Treating Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice workshop at Leeds Trinity University is around the corner (5th March 2016). This is a heavily anticipated one-day workshop. The ticket sold out in less than a week. Counsellors, therapists, health professionals and other individuals with great interest in mental health will be in attendance. One of the prevalent questions that is likely to dominate the delegates’ minds especially among the mental health experts is this;

“Why is it difficult to cure intrusive thoughts permanently using ordinary counselling methods?”

For many years I personally pondered upon this same question. I had helped many clients suffering from intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voice. They would respond to therapy for a while. But six months or a year down the line most of them had already become entangled again with intrusive thoughts.
Basically counselling helped but did not help enough to guarantee them longevity of emotional well-being. Of course this can not be blamed only on the counselling techniques adopted. Relapses are also based on other factors that peculiar to each client.

After painstaking research and critical observations working with clients, it became clear that intrusive thoughts or the inner critical voice that is heavily connected to obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) does not respond to ordinary counselling. This will require an intensive psychotherapy intervention that will initiate transformation from the subconscious level.
Asking clients to think positively therefore will be  inadequate unless some heavily-lifting therapeutic work is carried out first. And this is where many therapists ask the second question;

“What is the most effective intervention for treating Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice?”

Having personally used various therapy modalities in the past including CBT, EFT, hypnotherapy, mindfulness and a few others, it became clear that these aforementioned therapy methods will only do well if used in conjunction with a treatment plan specifically designed for intrusive thoughts and the inner critical voice. But the big challenge for me at the time was that I had not come across any effective treatment plan for intrusive thoughts that guarantees total transformation, after many years of research. Some methods are capable of managing intrusive thoughts, but not sufficient to bring about permanent recovery.

This is how the MindBody Breakthrough Recovery Programme for Overcoming Intrusive Thoughts and the Inner Critical Voice came about. It employs integrative approach of therapy that draws the very best segments of interventions from varieties of modalities. From Richard Schwartz‘ IFS approach to Dr Sarno’s mind body prescriptions concept to intensive CBT interventions, we now have a complete recovery programme designed to eliminate the torturing intrusive thoughts from the very source and produce long lasting transformation for the sufferers. The testimonies of those who have been through this course have been phenomenal.

One of the high points of the MindBody Breakthrough approach is that it protects clients from being overwhelmed with suppressed negative emotions during their process of transformation. This is something that most main stream psychotherapy approaches have struggled with for years. leading to clients’ relapses.

All of these and more are what I will be teaching all day to the delegates on the 5th of March at Leeds Trinity University. It contains 13 therapeutic steps to transformation. Each steps is as important as the rest others. They build on each other to form a holistic model for total transformation.

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