Why Irrational Fear Only Needs One Thing From You…

If your irrational fear disturbs you frequently and is often distressing and overpowering, then what you are dealing with is a potent outlet of anxiety disorders, and not just any kind of phobia.

AnxietyV3MediumIt may be that you are afraid of contracting a certain disease or illness. Perhaps you are worrying obsessively or may be fearful about your loved one’s well-being and safety. Maybe, for you, it’s the fear of death or the disruptive fear of “Something really bad is going to happen,” It may be that of totally losing control of your mind and embarrassing yourself in a public place, and so on.




These kinds of irrational fears are not just “normal” phobias, like a phobia of spiders (for example), which does not really have a huge and direct negative consequence on your day-to-day and overall emotional well-being in life – unless you day job is spider hunting (which I do not think it’s a job that exists).

Rather, they are anxiety outlets which your emotional brain is DELIBERATELY generating to protect you from being exposed to much bigger pains or repressed negative emotions within your psyche…

But I’ve Had CBT…Or Waiting for One…?

You see, these kinds of irrational fears, CBT can’t get rid of it. Why? Because, you cannot use cognitive processing to overcome ingrained irrational fears. You can’t think your way out of them easily.

For example, compulsive unwanted thoughts which bring a huge amount of fear to your mind cannot be stopped by merely changing the way you think. It does’t just work. Likewise, you can’t outgrow this type of anxiety outlet by just ignoring it, or by using distraction techniques. This only makes it grow bigger and more debilitating…

Of course, CBT has its effective place in therapy, but it’s never the “All-in-all solution”as the system has made us believe. Perhaps you too, like many of my clients and readers, have gone through CBT sessions in the past, as well as using distraction techniques, without any major transformation in you, as far as you anxiety disorders are concerned.

CBT can only help you stay on track when the real source of your disorders has already been transformed.

Until the source of your irrational fear or any other anxiety outlet you may have is healed and transformed, your symptoms will continue to strengthen themselves – because they feel they are doing you a BIG favour.

For you to be able to get your peace of mind restored, you will need to realise that your irrational fear (like other anxiety outlets, such as OCD, panic attacks, intrusive thoughts, etc,.) is a personality within your psyche, carrying out an important role of protecting your psyche from bigger threats. These so called “Bigger threats” are those ones which have been detected and identified in your subconscious mind.

What Should Your Immediate Goal Be…?

Your goal is to make sure your outlet of anxiety is relieved from its protective role, and this is when you’ll have your full life back from anxiety disorders.

There are proven steps you can take to make sure your irrational fear is relieved from its extreme protective role. Once these steps are taken, your entire thought-life and mind becomes transformed. You can now enjoy your life, give your mind a deserved rest, take full charge of your emotional life and save yourself from a lot of emotional sufferings and headaches.

This is exactly what the  7- Week Anxiety Recovery MindBody Breakthrough Programme will achieve for you…

Once you register, you’ll have instant access to more than 20 step-by-step recovery training videos, lesson notes and recovery-relaxation audios, where I personally take you from where you are to where you desire to be – a place of total transformation from anxiety…

This programme will save you loads of money down the line, and from plenty of sleepless nights caused by your anxiety symptoms. It’ll also empower your mind with self-confidence and a higher sense of control over your emotions… And that means you can live life without fear, and pursue your dreams with calm, happiness and high confidence.

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