15 Steps To A Healthy Mind: Overcome Negative Thinking

"The wise select their THINKING to create the feelings they desire, while others surrender to their FEELINGS to create the thinking they detest." -- Wale Oladipo


The greatest key to personal well-being is the ability to take charge of one’s thinking. It is a vital skill concerning emotional intelligence.

loserThe thinking that you permit determines the feelings that you generate. Feelings are faithful employees of thoughts. Your thoughts dictate what kind of feeling you should expect. It is like a car and the fuel. If you fill your car up with the right fuel, it performs positively and takes you to your destination. But if you put the wrong fuel in, the whole system goes wrong, creating more problems for you than you can imagine.

In the same way, feelings respond proportionately to the quality of one’s thinking. And this is crucial, simply because your feeling actually decides how well you are doing in life and it all starts with your thinking habit.

If you allow your mind to focus on the negatives all day long, those negative thoughts will generate negative feelings that will sap your energy, contaminate your joy and dampen your hope. But if you choose to focus on the positives, you will generate positive feelings that will lift you up, sharpen your creativity and expand your hopes.

Man is what he thinks about all the time. You cannot be physically, emotionally or financially healthy beyond the healthiness of your thinking self.

"Through repetition of negative thinking, remembering and imagining, anxiety is inscribed in the brain like a tattoo." - Wale Oladipo

Therefore, if you are passionate about changing the course of your life for total well-being and success, decide to change your ingrained thinking patterns and belief system. Challenge your cognitive distortions from the source and embrace positivity and optimism.

Try the following tips to challenge your negative thinking from the foundation and grow a health mind that attracts for wellness, happiness and success.


15 Ways To Defeat Negative Thinking & Grow A Healthy Mind

  1. Develop an intensified present awareness of your thought-patterns. You cannot afford to be semi-conscious with your thought-life while you allow your life to drift into a destructive neurotic state. Become your own mind detective.
  2. Do not think with your feelings. Rather step back from a troubling situation, calm down and connect with your thinking brain with a strong sense of self-awareness.
  3. Learn to turn your automatic negative thinking to positive immediately. Never permit a negative thought to have a final say in your mind. Change it straightaway to positive. Then continue to affirm this new positive statement until your mind accepts it as your new empowering belief.
  4. Refuse to always filter out all the positive elements in any situation that you face.
  5. Avoid jumping to negative conclusions.
  6. Break your compulsive negative thinking habits. Do not allow your mind to have its full course thinking about a negativity.
  7. Resist giving greater weight to the worst possible outcome in your mind. Do not make a mountain out of a molehill.
  8. Flood your mind with positive messages Read and listen to motivational and inspirational messages.
  9. Hang out with friends who are positive, optimistic and possibility-driven.
  10. Believe that life is working for your good and not against you. See possibilities, and not problems.
  11. Resolve in your mind once and for all never to envy others. Envy pollutes your thoughts and corrupts the health of your mind.
  12. Immerse your mind in creative expressions. Find what you enjoy doing and engage your creative mind fully in it. Focus on expanding your creative mind. Your mind loses its ability to worry when it’s busy creating.
  13. Face your fear by taking positive actions towards your fear. Action kills fear. But inaction grows fear and negative thinking, leading to neuroticism.
  14. Awake your spiritual self. The mind is part of spiritual entities of man. Some people are not aware of this. So they try to solve mind problems with physical means only. It does not always work. It takes the combination of cognitive and spiritual contemplations to balance the mind for health and productivity. Therefore spend time to pray often. Embrace silence and solitude for solemn tranquility and positive reflections. The mind needs it.
  15. See failures as valuable feedback. Whether you like it or not, you will fail several times in life. But if you see failures as your feedback devices that help you to correct your courses for success, you will definitely save yourself from emotional turmoil, lost hours and depleted energy that obsessive worrying demands. Success is impossible without tons of failures along the way.

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