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Regarding anxiety disorders, this is one the powerful recovery tools many people don’t seem to know about. And even if they’ve heard of it, they tend not to do anything with it, probably because they haven’t really experienced its transformational power.

music girl photoHere is a piece of timeless life-modification technique which thousands of people have used and are still using to change what they do not want in their life and get the kind of results they want to see, especially in the areas of well-being, attitudes and personal fulfilment.

That’s why I thought I would quickly share it with you or remind you about it (should I say!).

I am talking about Daily Positive Affirmation!

Now, wait a minute! Before you lose your interest here (like I told you many people easily dismiss this incredible tool). If you can stick with me for a little bit, I will show you how this tool can help you gain control over your anxiety, drastically reduce your unpleasant anxiety symptoms, restore strength to you, help you sleep better, and pump up your self-confidence.

Right here, I will quickly show you how to use positive affirmations successfully and how to avoid common mistakes that people make to jeopardize getting their expected positive results..


You Need to Know The True Meaning Of Positive Affirmations If You Must Take Advantage Of its Healing Power!

Now, read the below definition carefully, because it reveals the key change-element you need in order to take control of your anxiety.

Positive Affirmation is when you say aloud to yourself repeatedly, with positive emotions and passion, a positive statement that describes you as already experiencing your intended positive changes.

In other words, you say repeatedly the exact opposite of what is going wrong in your life that you intend to change.

Let’s use anxiety as an example, as it is our focus here.

Instead of saying this;

My anxiety is killing me and I guess that’s my life now,” 

you then say with passion and emotion it’s opposite, which could go like this

“I am anxiety-free and now 100% well, living my everyday life to the full in happiness and peace, realising my dreams.

The key elements here are your words and your emotions. You may have heard about the power of words. The words that we speak out is very powerful, containing an incredible amount of creative potential.

When you speak, your entire body system listens attentively, including your brain and your nervous system. Your words are their commands. That’s all that they live for. When you speak your entire being go to work to convert those words into corresponding feelings, physical symptoms and conditions which are consistent with the nature of your words.

It’s scary, isn’t it? Especially if you consider how many times we use our own words in pulling ourselves down, instead of building up.

Now, what completes the magic here is the emotion behind your words. When strong emotions connect with words, they generate a powerful creative energy, which can literally cause big changes in us, including psychological, emotional, and physical changes to our anxiety problem.

Of course they can make your anxiety worse if your words and emotions are negative. But they can also start the recovery process if your words and emotions are positive.

By the way,  two things are important for an emotion to be positive: love and belief. In other words, an emotion is considered negative if it’s not generated by love and belief, but by fear, anger and doubt.

So a strong positive emotion is required to combine with positive words in order to ignite the fire of positive changes within you. Now, before you move to the next point, read the definition of positive affirmations above again – it would make a bit more sense to you.


Why Daily Positive Affirmation Works Like Magic


It works because a positive affirmation presses all the right power-buttons required to force your subconscious mind (your deeper mind) to agree with you and help bring about those positive changes you intend to experience.

Your subconscious mind stores all the data of your entire life experiences. It is also where your whole life is being run. It is the seat of your belief system and all your habits. Your belief system is the bunch of ingrained beliefs and habits that control what you do,  how you behave, how you think, and how you interact with the world around you.

Likewise, your anxiety disorder, with all its symptoms, are based and controlled by your subconscious mind. And because of that, if you want any lasting changes, you will have to shift something from the subconscious level. You will have to tamper with the seat of the anxiety habit in the subconscious.

And through your positive words and emotions, the subconscious becomes very changeable and vulnerable, meaning that you can force it to dismantle the wiring of your unwanted anxiety habits, and then re-wire, in its place, your new positive affirmations.

In other words, instead of the old anxiety and panic wiring, through positive words and strong positive emotions, being peaceful and anxiety-free can be wired.


How You Can Mess It All Up

Yes, I know! It’s possible to mess things all up here. So I thought I would warn you beforehand. Perhaps this is where all those people who have tried and abandoned positive affirmations messed it all up.

Here are few things you should NOT do if you must get big results with your positive affirmations.


A. Do not construct your positive affirmations using future tenses or in a way that paints a picture of you just “wishing” it happens. For example, do not say, “ I will be anxiety-free…” or “I intend to be anxiety-free….”

This violates the codes of the subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind does not deal in the “future” or “tomorrow”. Rather it deals in the “Now.” So whatever does not sound as if it’s already happening, the subconscious mind does not recognise.

You know how you say your bad words, don’t you? You say it as if it’s happening or it’s in its completed state. For example, “I am a failure, I am no good, I have no brain, No body likes me, I am disgusting, anxiety is my life, etc.”

All of these, of course, meet the requirements of the subconscious mind, so if you’ve ever wondered why things have been getting worse with you, this could be one of the reasons. You’ve been firing at yourself from behind. Your negative self-talk and declarations have been forcing the subconscious mind to continue to wire your life with more negativity.

Anyway, when you construct your positive affirmation, say it in its completed state, as if you already have it or you are currently enjoying it. For example, “I am anxiety-free and enjoying my life like never before“. This satisfies the law of the subconscious mind.


B.   Do not say it once and then forget about it. I have decided to wait until I get here before I introduce to you the most powerful force for the modification of the subconscious mind there is. It is called repetition.

Through the power of repetition, you can make any changes that you want in your mind regarding your attitude, behaviour or physical symptoms of an illness, especially those illnesses whose causes are mind-related (such as psychosomatic illnesses). Your mind is very vulnerable to anything that is being repeated continuously, and it seems as if only few people realise it.

This is exactly where many people sabotage their desired results; they repeated their positive affirmation a few times, saw no immediate results, got tired of it, then threw the entire discipline out of the window.

What they seem not to bear in mind is that the law of repetition must have its full course, and through the law of compound effect, if you do not give up your daily positive affirmations, you’ll certainly create a new lasting positive change in your deeper mind, which is never going to be easily displaced. So ensure you engage the law of repetition for greater results.

You see, advertisers use this law on us everyday to get us to buy their products. Their goal is to condition our mind for their products. It does work!


4 Steps To Use Your Daily Positive Affirmations To Gain Control Over Your Anxiety And Reduce Your Anxiety Symptoms. 


Now follow these steps if you are ready to embark on an amazing journey of forcing your anxiety habits off your mind.


1.   Ensure that you construct your positive affirmations about your anxiety disorders in a way that conform to my above recommendations. Let it be in the NOW, as though you already possess the change you desire. You can have more than one affirmations, covering different important aspects of your life; from being able to sleep well, to not being tired and light-headed all the time, to being able to socialise without having  an anxiety episode or a panic attack, etc. You can have as many as you want, as long as you’ll have time to read them to your own mind aloud daily.

2.   Write down your affirmations. Something special happens between your hand and your mind when you write down your goals on paper. You become empowered to accomplish what you write down. I personally love to use post-it notes because I can stick them anywhere I want and put them where my eyes can easily catch them.

Also, in my opinion, it is a lot easier to review, crossing things out and adding something to it. But it’s up to you. The main idea is that you write your positive affirmations down – and do not say, “I have go a good memory.” Write them down first, then if you can memorise them, go ahead and do that. If you enter my office, you’ll probably be inundated with post-it notes – all in front of my computer.

They all must be read early in the morning as I sit down to start the day. I am not crazy at all – I have only found something valuable that works, which many people ignore. Believe me, through daily affirmations, I have personally overcome some serious negative habits, as well as developing many positive habits which have taken my life to a whole different level of well-being and personal fulfilment.

3.   Read your affirmations aloud to yourself at least twice a day – After you get up in the morning and before you go to bed at night. This is the minimum requirement. Of course you can choose to read yours more than twice a day if you want, but at least do it twice. Also, remember to read them with confidence, as if you already have all those things. Read them with passion and positive emotions, with no second thought of fear or doubt. Remember your entre being is listening to every word that comes out of your mouth and the nature of the emotion that accompanies it.

4.   Do it daily, relentless and continuously. Here again is the law of repetition we’ve already discussed. Psychologists recommend 21 days of consecutive practicing before a new habit can be formed. Do it for 21 days, but never stop there. Just keep doing it until the result you are wanting shows up and shows up real good. Even after you get your desired results,  you can still continue to do it. It is a natural phenomenon, there aren’t any side effects.

Hope this is helpful to you.

Would you please leave me your comments or questions below? That would be really great!!

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