The Psychology of Laziness

lazinessLaziness affects us all. It limits our ability to produce to the maximum and experience greater happiness and success.

“I just don’t feel motivated to do anything. I know I should be pushing hard and doing something worthwhile but nothing seems to interest me enough to get me going. I feel like I am too lazy and basically wasting away.
I used to be passionate about a few things. But now, most things don’t interesting me at all. I get tired easily. I am unhappy and frustrated. As a result, I comfort eat, over-sleep, or do pointless things just to avoid facing the important things that I know I should be doing.”

If you can relate to any of the above statements, you may find the following suggestions and steps helpful.

Laziness is Often Misinterpreted

Laziness is a word that we generally use to suggest idleness, inactivity, or even sluggishness. But true laziness goes beyond being lethargic and slow. Laziness is a condition of the mind. It is a form of psychological problem that also requires a psychological shift if you are to beak free.

It is All About Self-Preservation

If you have experienced an unpleasant experience in the past which has generated negative emotions such as fear or shame which you have not fully processed, chances are your subconscious mind will enter into a self-preservative mode.  As a result, you might find out that your level of motivation and passion to challenge yourself, get things done, and achieve goals has been drastically reduced. It is a way that the emotional brain protects you from further exposure to hurt, disappointment or rejection. Your deeper mind sees the world as unsafe and dangerous. Therefore, it shuts down your personal power for achievement and self-expression. Check the FEAR Model Recovery programme that can help you overcome irrationa fear that generate anxiety and stress.

Capability Does Not always Guarantee Productivity

You may be physically capable to achieve a certain goal or pursue a certain ideal. If you are psychologically incapable because of suppressed negative emotions, you will struggle to garner motivation, self-confidence and passion to express yourself.

At this point, unfortunately, people can misinterpret your passivity for laziness. A lack of mental energy can leave you drained and depressed. If you are psychologically challenged, you will not be able to focus your efforts or sustain passion for anything other than indulging in avoidance mechanisms that temporarily protect you from facing your fears in order to achieve your full potential.

Now, how do you overcome laziness? What are the vital key areas of your life you need to pay attention to? There are 8 steps that you can follow to beat laziness and begin to produce to the maximum and be happy. Read it Here: 8 Steps to Overcoming Laziness.

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